smartphone android terbaik yaitu asus zenfone

in this post i will describe about smartphone , In the era of the all sophisticated and modern human need for high-tech gadgets is increasing as well as the needs of mobile devices also becoming more demanding modern technology and multifunctional. This makes the ASUS issued a Smartphone or smart phone that can answer all of these challenges. Asus is the latest Smartphone product named ASUS Zenfone Android OS-based Smartphones

Advanced Features ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone
ASUS ZenFone Smartphone Android Terbaik – Asus ZenFone with design features that are so dynamic and beautiful, material material also has a high-quality ingredients, with complete functionality ZenUI ASUS to bring luxury to the user. ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone Comes with a choice of screen size 4-6 inches with a wide selection of colors that have been equipped with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass layer 3 for reliability and better durability against scratches. let us see what are the advanced features of the ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone

Asus Zenfone presence is no longer just a tool to communicate to make phone calls or sms only. Asus Zenfone can also be made as a photographic tool for PixelMaster supported with technology that can serve as a camera to take pictures and video with a very clear outcome and quality of professional photographers in mind this in because the camera ASUS exclusive technology consists of a variety of features such as Selfie mode and Depth of Field mode which improves the quality and performance of the camera and allows users currently take high quality pictures and videos. and specifically for zenfone 5 and 6, there are two additional features including low-light Mode and Time Rewind

best android smartphone

Low-light Mode function Asus zenfone

significantly improve the performance of the camera is for ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone in low berpencahayaan location with Low-light Mode the camera is able to increase the light sensitivity of up to 400% and the contrast to 200% so as to produce bright images even without a flash light. besides the support of Electronic Image Stabilizer Technology (EIS) was also able to improve the performance in low-light atmosphere or dim can improve the image. Features Low-light Mode can also be used when recording video.

Time Rewind function Zenfone Asus Smartphone

ASUS ZenFone Smartphone Android Terbaik In the world of photography the movement sometimes be a difficult thing in taking a picture with the Time Rewind This will expedite the process of shooting at the most appropriate moment becomes easy. With Time Rewind zenfone Asus users can take some pictures before and after pressing the shutter button, thus the opportunity to get the perfect photo on the object that is difficult to be easily obtained.

Selfie Mode

For those of you who like to take self-portrait pictures with Selfie Mode users can take their own photos with high quality. Selfie Mode can be used to photograph themselves individually or together with other colleagues using the main camera Zenfone Best Android Smartphone tinggi.Setelah resolution, you can choose the most flattering photo to be stored or shared to facebook, twitter and other social media. Asus Zenfone very unusual indeed for everyone!

Depth of Field Mode Function

allows users to take photos with sharper. Objects in the front will be made ​​more focused and sharp while the rear will be memorable subtle blur, in general the quality of photos like this can only be done using top class camera with this technology once again proved that the ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphones also can be used as a professional camera for photography activities. This gadget is very unusual for everyone!

ASUS ZenUI – Zenfone Best Android Smartphone
User Interface Technology is not just pinned on Windows8-based computers, but also present in the ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone Interface design (User Interface) is a new and more modern with the concept of freedom, expression, and connection. visual design created with the purpose to make it more efficient, the menu icon modern, color themes, beautiful animation, a new ringtone and notification tones, as well as a clean layout that can display this information the best Android Smartphone is clear to users.

ASUS Zenfone also has two security features, called Apps What’s Next and Do It Later specially designed to facilitate the user in setting up a large amount of information received daily and allows them to do more productive things.
Functions What’s Next
is to place the latest information, the most important and useful to users of ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone such as the upcoming meeting schedule, messages and missed calls from the VIP contacts, the weather at the destination, and others on the front and middle of the lock screen, home screen and notification panel.

Function Do It Later
is to free the ASUS Zenfone Best Android Smartphone in order to focus on the task at hand, without going to forget other important things he needed to do afterwards. when you’re writing an email and receive phone calls, simply with one button then it will automatically create a reminder to make a call to the contact partner. Zenfone Users can also save or create (Bookmark) interesting pages such as articles, YouTube videos, or pages of a website to be viewed at a later time. Each reminder and kept things collected in Do It Later app separate and have their own shortcuts to facilitate related activities, such as making a call or open a web page or stored video.

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